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Drill Attachments for Cutting Holes - Tile Hole Cutter Drill Bit

Most times, a tile drill bit is the perfect piece of equipment for tilework that involves some form of drilling or precise cutting. Sometimes, however, you may need to cut holes into tiles which are made of tough materials like porcelain, ceramic or natural stone. In these cases, a regular drill just won’t cut it — pun intended. What you will need is a tile hole cutter or a tile cutting drill bit to help you cut clean holes without the risk of cracking or damaging the tile surface.

How To Cut Holes in Tiles?

There are specifically designed tools for cutting holes in tiles, the most common ones being hole saws for tiles. A hole saw is simply a specialised tile cutter drill attachment that is designed to cut holes with larger diameters than traditional porcelain drill bits. What makes a hole saw different is that it cuts out the perimeter line of the hole, making it more efficient than your regular spade or twist drill. When attached to a power drill, the hole saw’s teeth cut into the tile material and take off a circular portion as it saws through, making it the best drill bit for porcelain tiles.

Drill Attachments & Tile Hole Cutter Drill Bits

Most tile drill bits and hole cutting tools come as drill attachments and accessories that can be used along with your regular power drill. Tilers Online stocks a great collection of tile drill sets and tile hole cutter sets from world renowned brands like RUBI, Sigma and many more. Our tile hole saw kits and porcelain tile drilling tools are customer favourites.

Other Important Tiling Tools and Equipment

These are also called masonry saws and are perfect for smaller jobs that require you to make curved or angled cuts on tiles. Available in both wet and dry tile saw varieties, these are portable tile saws which are efficient and deliver great results. Tile hole cutters and drill bits are not all we sell at Tilers Online though. We also have a great selection of tiling nippers for making circular cuts in ceramic tiles when you cannot use a tile saw or a hole cutter.

Looking for a clean and easy way to lift up heavy tiles? For industry-level gripping, try our suction cups that adhere well to surfaces like porcelain and ceramic. Need something to clean up all that tile grout? We have a quality selection of tile grouting equipment and machinery to assist you with all grout related jobs. Our notch trowels are great tools for applying tile mortar to wall or floor surfaces. They also work very well as a metered dispensing system, ensuring that you use just the right amount of mortar for the tile. We also have a great set of knives and blades for scoring and gluing purposes.

Why Choose Tilers Online?

Established in 1998, Tilers Online is a family-owned Australian business that provides only the highest-quality products which adhere to industry standards. Our entire approach is customer focused. We aim to provide all our clients with only the best and most satisfying shopping experience, which is why all our products are available at prices you’ll love.

For all your drilling and cutting needs, we’re the ones to trust. Shop our range of tile drill bits, tile hole cutters and much more at Tilers Online today!

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