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Stone & Tile Cleaner Products for Immaculate Tiling

When it comes to cleaning stone and tile, you need a heavy-duty cleaner that’s going to effectively get rid of organic materials, soap scum and grease. The stone and tile cleaners that we offer at Tilers Online are highly concentrated and formulated specifically to remove tough, gritty substances.

Whether you’re facing heavy grease, substantial dirt or stubborn grime, our stone and tile cleaning products will make your tiles look new. We also have the more specialised electric tile cleaner or cement remover cleaner for when you need even more power behind your products. Equipped with products like these, you’ll feel as though you have professional stone cleaning services on your side.

Our Range Doesn’t End There

As well as tile and stone cleaners, we supply professional tilers and DIY enthusiasts with all kinds of products to make their projects run smoother.Our catalogue includes everything from mixing equipment to tiling consumables. If you browse our cutting, drilling and grinding range, you’ll find diamond blades, scoring wheels and tools for tile polishing.

We also have wastes and grates for bathrooms and showers, and tools that range from hammers and mallets to PPE and safety equipment. Whatever you need for your tiling project, Tilers Online will have it at a great price.

Why Trust Tilers Online to Provide Your Stone Power Cleaner?

Tilers Online has built a catalogue from Australia and the world’s best brands of tiling equipment, tools, spare parts and products. Everything we sell is high quality and made to last, so you won’t have to worry about constant replacements or unexpected breakages. When you complete projects using good products, you give yourself the greatest chance at easy and long-lasting success.

As tiling enthusiasts ourselves, we understand this principle, and strive to give all our customers the best products on offer. We are also friendly and approachable, and encourage all customers to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. We will endeavour to help you find the perfect thing for your project, every time.

Buy Your Stone and Tile Cleaner Today!

For big projects, you want to have all the necessary products to keep things simple, easy and effective. Find the heavy-duty stone cleaner of your dreams at Tilers Online!

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