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Whatever your experience level may be, having the appropriate grouting equipment will make your tiling projects easier. Tile floats and grout trowels are particularly important. A tile float will assist in the installation of tiles by spreading and levelling the adhesive or mortar. Similarly, a grout trowel is designed specifically for the application of grout. Grout trowels help to ensure that grout is distributed evenly and pushed into joints effectively. After the grout is applied, these tools can also be used to smooth and level the grout lines, creating a consistent and uniform grout finish.

The Best Tile Grout Tools Around

There are many reasons why the grouting equipment at Tilers Online is superior to other items found elsewhere. Our tile floats are highly effective and easy to use, with ergonomic handles to minimise potential discomfort. They are available in rectangular and pointed shapes, and can be used to produce both smooth and rough finishes. Our grout floats or trowels are also comfortable and easy to use, as well as being exceptionally lightweight. We also offer versatile floor grouters, which can be used for grouting, cleaning and maintenance, or sweeping away large accumulations of water. To round out your tool kit, pair them with our other popular tiling tools like disposable grout bags, trowelling floats, and pointing and laser levels.

Things Always Go Smoothly With Tilers Online

At Tilers Online, we’re here to help your tiling projects run smoothly. We‘ve been supplying reliable tiling tools for more than a quarter of a century, and continue to build a diverse catalogue for our customers. Whether you're a seasoned tradie or an enthusiastic DIYer, we have products to meet your project's unique needs, accommodating different budgets and skill levels. Our collection includes esteemed brands sourced both locally and from across the globe. With a team of seasoned experts at your disposal, we also offer technical guidance, as well as a wealth of educational resources to guide you in your various projects.

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Need grouting equipment in a hurry? At Tilers Online, our grout trowels and tile floats are a testament to our commitment to quality. We also endeavour to ship our products promptly, so you can get started as soon as possible. Browse our full collection now!

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