It’s Time to Create Your Ultimate Custom Grates

Create a bathroom floor waste solution that’s truly something with our selection of custom shower grate options. Available in a range of lengths and sizes, along with four striking metallic colours, the Tiler’s Online custom made shower and floor grates collection is luxurious, hard working and value packed.

Flexibility to Meet Your Project’s Needs for Custom Made Drain Grates

These stainless steel grates are designed to make creating custom grates easy. Simply choose the width and colour that suits your project, then you can easily cut it onsite to fit. You can even pick up a few joiners to extend the length to perfectly tailor it to your project.

Packed with features, there’s lots to love about these shower grates, available online now at Tilers Online. For instance, these grates will always look their best, thanks to being UV stable (with a 25-year warranty against fading even), rust proof (that’s a lifetime warranty) and designed for no water tracking. And when it comes to cleaning, they can be easily rolled out for a thorough job. As a result, these grates will stay looking shiny and new for years to come, even in the busiest of bathrooms.

Discover Other Floor Grate Options If There’s No Time for Tailoring

Depending on your budget, skills and time constraints, custom made drain grates might be out of the picture. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for ugly or boring floor grates. With the extended Tilers Online bathroom grates range, you can find a premade option that fits seamlessly.

For instance, our linear floor grates are the ideal addition for any contemporary or modern bathroom, with sleek and subtle lines for that extra touch of luxury. Alternatively, for a quick but quality approach, grab one of our drop in floor grates. With lots of different styles, sizes and shapes to choose from, the range caters to a wide variety of bathrooms.

Take Your Custom Shower Grates to the Next Level

So, where can you go when you’re looking for quality custom grates online? Tilers Online!

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