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Get in the Spirit of Perfection With the Best Spirit Levels in Australia

Straight, smooth and stellar: that’s how your tiling projects will be when you use a spirit level set, like the Sola Plastic Spirit Level, from Tilers Online.

Discover the Spirit Level to Suit Your Needs

A spirit level tool should be standard in every tiler’s toolbox, whether you’re a professional or just beginning your DIY journey. With spirit levels, you can ensure that your tiles are lying straight and even. This is key for a great-looking end result, as well as ensuring that your tiled surface can fulfil its roles. For instance, an uneven tiled floor in a bathroom can lead to standing water or drainage issues.

So, what do we recommend with our more than 25 years of experience in the tiling industry? While it depends on how you like to work and your budget, we reckon the Sola Plastic Spirit Level is a reliable favourite that won’t let you down. Made to withstand the hot, cold and water, it’s a durable option that won’t leave marks on tiles.

Alternatively, if you’re a Stabila fan, there’s a spirit level for you. A popular choice for builders, and available in a range of sizes, a Stabila level set gives you precise results that are easy to read.

However, if you’re looking to go a little more high-tech or extend your measuring range easily, we recommend our collection of tile laser levels. Compact, accurate and versatile, you now have a range of lasers at your fingertips to measure and mark out tile placements and more.

Helping You Tile Better

When it comes to tiling tools, there’s only one name to remember: Tilers Online. With an extensive range including products from reputable local and international brands, you can trust you’ll always get top performance from your Tilers Online products. Plus, with fast delivery, you can get the tools you need sooner.

Find Your New Favourite Spirit Level Set Now

Don’t let your tiles lie crooked or unevenly — ensure a smooth, straight finish every time with our spirit level tools.

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