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Tools & Equipment for Tiling

To get every tiling job done perfectly, you need to make sure you have the perfect floor tiling tools and accessories. Tilers Online stocks only the best equipment and has all the materials you need for tiling at competitive pricing.

Our Range of the Best Basic Tiling Tools

We have an extensive range of tile tools, including ceramic tile tools, to meet any tiling needs you have. We sell:

  • Trowels & Notched Trowels: Lightweight, resilient, corrosion protected, our trowels come in a variety of shapes and sizes for whatever job you have.
  • Scrapers: When you need to remove grout, you’ll be covered by our scrapers. They have ergonomic handles and are resistant to abrasion, while being lightweight.
  • Tiling Nippers & Pliers: For safer and cleaner cuts, especially on fragile materials, you can’t do better than the nippers and pliers we sell. They have great durability and are engineered to be effective for tiles.
  • Drilling Attachments for Hole Cutting: With a variety of drilling attachments available at Tilers Online, you’ll find all the attachments you could ever need.
  • Finishing Floats: Whether you’re working across a large or small surface, you’ll get the job done well with our finishing floats. Very light, easy to move and highly resistant, they’re the tools that’ll keep working for years to come
  • Grouting Equipment: We have a wide range of grouting equipment, including wash basins, grout floats, grouters and whole kits for sale. For all your grouting needs, you’re in the right place.
  • Buckets: Available in a variety of sizes, our buckets are easy to carry and won’t leave you hanging.
  • Hand Saws: You can get tradesmen-quality, large, comfortable hand saws ideal for cutting plaster, wood and plastic at Tilers Online.
  • Knives & Blades: Our knives are for more than just cutting; they can also be used as stirrers and applicators for many other trades.
  • Mallets & Hammers: Widely used with ceramic tiles, get the mallet that’ll facilitate proper laying and positioning of tiles.
  • Sanding: Get a range of sanding blocks with fine, medium or coarse grit.
  • Suction Cups: High strength, with an ergonomic handle, our suction cups are designed to increase comfort and safety when handling tiles. Plus, their design reduces the risk of unintentionally deactivating suction.
  • Tool Storage: Whatever you buy, have it all in one easy-to-find location with our large tool-storage bags.

Our Other Tools & Floor Tile equipment

Our range doesn’t just end with basic tools though. We also stock tile sealer to make your tiles resistant to moisture and stains. Plus, for when you’ve finished the job, you can use our tile cleaners, available in a variety of formulas to make sure your tiling work shines.

For All Your Tiling Needs

When you need to buy accessories, tools and equipment for tiling head straight to Tilers Online for the best possible customer service and best prices. For perfect tiles every time, choose Tilers Online.

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