The Best Range of RUBI Tools in Australia

Up your tile game with the best in the business: the RUBI tile cutter. Known in the industry for their high-quality tiling tools, RUBI allows DIY-ers and tradies alike to say goodbye to tile-cutting headaches. Precision, durability and a touch of flair: that’s what sets RUBI apart. Whether you’re tackling a bathroom renovation or jazzing up your kitchen, the RUBI tile cutter is your secret weapon. So, chuck out the old, embrace the new, and let RUBI tools make your tiling dreams a reality. Get ready to cut with confidence, Australia!

Shop RUBI Tile Cutters in Australia

RUBI invented the manual cutter for ceramic tiles in 1951, so you’d be mad to buy one made by anyone else. What are the benefits of a manual RUBI ceramic tile cutter, you ask? First off, picture this: a clean workspace. No mess, no fuss. With these bad boys, you can slice through tiles like a ninja and barely leave a trace. No water, no dust — just pure cutting magic.

Here’s the big perk: there’s no need to hunt down power points! These manual maestros don’t need electricity, so you can work anywhere on the job site without playing hide-and-seek with an outlet. The range here at Tilers Online will keep your RUBI ceramic tile cutter in top-notch condition with replacement diamond blades, flanges, drill bits and more. Get ready to cut, slice and conquer!

Discover the Wide Range of RUBI Tiling Tools at Tilers Online

Upgrade your next job with RUBI tiling tools from Tilers Online. Established in 1998, we’ve got the industry experience to know what tools you need. From RUBI tile vibration tools or tile cleaners, we stock the range of RUBI you’ve been searching for — plus so much more. With a 24/7 online store, and locations in Perth and Sydney, we make tiling tools and parts convenient. Shop at Tilers Online and make that project a breeze!

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