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When it comes to tiling, using a tile suction cup that is strong and easy to manoeuvre will make a world of difference. This is why you should never settle for a mediocre tile lifter. Fortunately, Tilers Online have high-quality suction lifters appropriate for all types of tiling jobs. As technical experts in all things tiling, our staff can guide you towards the perfect tools for your professional or DIY projects. We also offer great prices and unparalleled delivery times so that you can get on with the task as efficiently as possible. Explore our website today for first-class tile suction cups and lifters, as well as a variety of handheld tools, heavy-duty equipment and super-effective tile cleaners.


When You Need That Lift

Our impressive selection of tile lifters includes state-of-the-art digital suction cups. Unlike traditional suction cups, these products adhere flawlessly to rough, etched surfaces, as well as those that are flat and clean. They are cordless and can handle most construction materials, patterned tiles and pavers

Another great option are our suction cup alloy bodies, which lift non-porous products such as glass, ceramic and porcelain tiles. Available as single, double, triple and quad suction cups, these single and twin tile lifters are incredibly durable.

Along with our double suction cups for large tiles, we have pump-up suction pads. With their wide vacuum suction cups, these tools are designed specifically for lifting heavy materials such as stone and tile. They are also highly adaptable and can be used on smooth or textured surfaces.

If you’re looking for suction cups that can handle rough surfaces, our single and double suction cups with a strong chassis and ergonomic handles have you covered.

Finally, we have our tile vibrators with suction cups, which are used for the movement and installation of floor and wall tiles. These tools are made to boost efficiency, with rechargeable batteries and a design that makes one-handed operation a breeze.

Other Tiling Tools and Accessories

As crucial as suction cups are, they aren’t the only products you’ll need to complete the best tiling jobs possible. Hand saws, for example, come in handy for cutting plaster, wood and plastic. Finishing floats are also vital and come in several varieties to suit different tiling projects.

At Tilers Online, we have ultra-flexible rubber grouting floats for homogenous joint filling and the flawless compaction of grouting material. We also have rectangular grouters with electroplated plates and extremely light plastic floats with rectangular or pointed tips.

In terms of stone-cutting tools, we have dry tile and masonry saws, manual tile cutters and electric tile saws, plus a massive range of accessories to go with them. You can also select from a tonne of mitring and bevelling tools, scoring wheels and diamond saw blades.

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With over 20 years of experience to back us, you can trust that Tilers Online supplies only the best tiling equipment on the market. Browse our tile suction cups online today and find the missing piece of your tiling tool set.

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