Set Tiles in Stone With Tile & Stone Sealers

Tile, stone and grout sealer is the ultimate finishing touch to any tilework. Whether you’re wanting to lock in your tile grout colours or find something waterproof, tile sealer provides the best barrier against moisture and stains. Did you know that tile, stone and grout are among the most porous materials on the market? All it takes is one spill for your stains to literally be set in stone. With tile and stone sealer, you can have your premium stone tiling and preserve it, too. Regardless of which stone tile sealer you select, you’ll be protecting your walls, floors and surfaces by closing them off to contaminants. Let’s break down how it works.

What’s the Best Sealer for Stone?

When it comes to stone sealers, there are two types: penetrating and coating. Stone sealers of the penetrating variety are either made from water or solvent, but their make is immaterial to their ability to protect stone material. The way penetrating types work is their active ingredients will bond to the stone and penetrate the surface by filling the topmost pores or gaps. Hence, any pores below surface level will be protected by this layer of stone sealer, which will block the porous ‘pathways’ and prevent water from travelling down the slippery slope that is the stone’s internal porous structure.

Coating sealers, on the other hand, form a film across the stone’s surface to provide protection and resistance against chemicals and stains. It doesn’t fuse with the pores but rather separates the surface from the deeper porous structure with a single clean coating. Despite being used more for textured surfaces such as concrete, terracotta and slate, it’s not the best sealer for outdoor tiles as its formula is usually water-based. It’s important to note that coating sealers will alter the nature of your surface from the perspective of appearance and slip resistance.

Let’s Take It Back a Few Steps

Before you apply tile and stone floor sealer, you may want to invest in some tile cleaning products. You’ll be wanting to lock your tiles in freshness: not preserve unsightly staining or mould. To prepare your tiles for sealer, it’s best to start from the ground up—literally, in the case of laying tiles for the floor or outdoors. Ergo, you should begin by purifying your foundation using tile grout cleaner.

Once you’ve cleaned your grout, you can also alter the tile grout colours by using one of our high-quality colourants. As well as using tile, stone and grout sealer, you can truly set things in stone by applying an epoxy tile adhesive. For more information about how to lay down some aesthetic and high-quality tilework, you can always reach out to one of our expert Tilers Online.

Tilers Online Set To Earn Your Seal of Approval

At Tilers Online, we stock only the best sealer for stone, tiles and grout. Stocked from the window to the bathroom wall, our high-quality tile sealer and top-tier tile cleaning products form part of the premium range that’s set to earn your seal of approval. Invest in tile sealer and you can bid adieu to stains, mould and mildew. Browse the full collection at Tilers Online!

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