Best Tile Grout Cleaners & Colourants in Australia

Want the spiffiest grout colours in Australia? If you’re done with grey and white and want a more vibrant backdrop for your tilework, you need to check out our range of tile grout cleaners and colourants. From tile cleaning products to colourant, we have everything you need to prepare your grout for colouring and then bedazzle it to your heart’s content. With a product like Aqua Mix grout colourant, you have an array of 20 colours to choose from that will set your eyes a-twinkle.

If you’re concerned that your grout will lose its colours as you go about your day-to-day or as harsh Australian sunlight blares through your window, you can always use Mapei Fuga Fresca to restore your original colour choices, remove stains or eliminate colour irregularities. In other words, our collection features Australia’s best tile grout cleaners and colourants for a high-quality and enduring colour job.

Set Colours Pristine With Tile & Grout Cleaners in Australia

To colour, you need a blank canvas—and if that canvas is riddled with dirt, debris or mould, that’s something you’ll need to attend to before setting down to work. Thankfully, at Tilers Online, we have cleaners available for tile floors and grout that leave the groundwork for your tilework glowing and pristine. Take advantage of our Mapei Fuga Fresca, which is a cleaner custom-made for tile floors and grout, or peruse our range of tile cleaning products for a deeper clean. Whatever your cleaner of choice, why not pair it with a tile cleaning sponge for maximum grit against grime?

Set Your Mosaic in Stone

Once your tiling equipment is debris-free, it’s time to select your favourite colour against which to set your tilework in stone. If you’re using our Aqua Mix grout colourant, you’ll have 20 tones from which to choose, ranging from bright white to black and including every neutral in between.

If you like a subdued, natural vibe, you may appreciate our grout colours reminiscent of smoke, cinnamon or sand on an Australian beach. If you like your tiles defined and well-lined, you may appreciate the sleek, modern backdrop of black, charcoal grey or even cocoa. Whatever you choose, be sure to set it in stone with tile sealant: the ultimate finishing touch and literal glue that holds tiles together. Ready to get to work?

Get Tile Grout Cleaner & Colourants at Tilers Online

If you’re ready to change up the tilework in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry, you need to get yourself some tile grout cleaner and colourant from Tilers Online. For the cleanest and most colourful of finishes, look no further than our collection of high-quality products. Shop the full collection now and grab the tiling equipment you need today!

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