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Find Your Caulk Gun for Silicone

If you work in construction or love doing DIY projects, you’ll need silicone and caulking guns. These handheld tools enable the dispensation of viscous caulking compounds, including silicone-based cauks, into tight corners. Caulk guns have the ability to caulk, bond and seal better than traditional strips and caulkers, keeping everything looking factory fresh. If you’re working on your home, garage or outdoor workspace, a silicone and caulking gun will be a massive help, providing a professional quality finish on all projects.

At Tilers Online, we offer caulking and silicone guns that are lightweight, easy to use and highly durable. Our compact dripless caulking gun is remarkably small, and even allows you to cut off excess from the silicon cartridge for an easier fit. This is the only caulking gun with this unique feature, making it perfect for tight spots.

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Along with a high-quality caulk gun for silicone, you’ll require a few other things for cleaning, sealing and finishing your tiling project. At Tilers Online, we have everything you need to complete your project with flawless results. This includes coloured silicones, which allow you to be more creative with the aesthetic of your tiling project. Rather than sticking with standard clear and translucent sealant, coloured silicone sealant allows you to choose a shade that suits the room in which your tiles are placed.

We also have tile and stone sealers, as well as squeegees, sponges and buckets for cleaning. Other cleaning equipment includes grout cleaners and colourants, as well as aqua mix concentrated stone and tile cleaner.

If you’re starting from scratch and require equipment for every step of the tiling process, we also stock tools for cutting, drilling, grinding and mixing.

Tilers Online Is Just Too Good

Why choose Tilers Online? Whether you’re a master tiler or a DIY newbie, reliable tools and products are necessary to complete a quality job. At Tilers Online, we understand the importance of durable, functional and intuitive tools. We provide only the best products at the best prices, making gold-standard equipment as accessible as possible. Furthermore, our team is made up of expert tilers with plenty of first-hand experience. We know how to advise you on your own projects, and will happily assist any customer with questions or concerns about their equipment.

Caulk Guns for Flawless Finishing with Silicone-Based Caulks

If you want a flawless finish with minimal effort, you need to get yourself silicone and caulking guns. For the greatest range of caulking guns around, browse the collection at Tilers Online!

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