Ensure the Perfect Finish With Quality & Easy-to-Use Line Markers

With our extensive range of the best measuring chalk line tools and marking pencils, getting that perfectly straight and neat end result on your next tiling project is easy! They’re the perfect companion tool for our convenient and fast laser levels for tiling, ensuring you get the best results yet!

Never Underestimate the Power of a Straight Line, Thanks to Our Marking Pencils

No matter the tiles you’re using or the space you’re tiling, straight clean edges and lines help ensure a neat and tidy finish everyone will love. Therefore, whether you’re doing a spot of DIY or professional work, it pays to have plenty of marking tools for stone tiles and more. When everything is thought out and precisely placed, you won’t have to worry about miscalculating your tile needs, from large slabs to decorative pencil tiles. In the long run, this can mean big savings on project budgets as well as less hassle for you.

Expand Your Tiling Toolbox With Other Great Products

Along with the best chalk line tools for precise measurements, we’ve got plenty to satisfy professional and hobbyist tilers alike. Master grouting with ease with our wide collection of grouting tools, including indispensable floats. These make it simple to apply grout to and around your tiles without causing chips or cracks to mar your work. Plus, for intricate and fiddly work, we have tough tile nippers to help out. Whatever the job, Tilers Online has the tools you need to get it done properly.

Trust Your Tiling Tool Experts

Tiling is about precision, from the placement of tiles to the perfect grout mix. That’s why you need quality tools, like our line markers. With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, we have created a catalogue of must-have tools and products no tiler can do without. Our online store has stock from top national and international brands, renowned for their durability and effectiveness across a range of projects for both DIYers and professionals.

Don’t Miss the Mark With the Best Chalk Lines for Measurements

For flush tiles and that perfect finish, grab your marking pencils and more now.

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