Why Do We Stock IMER?

Embark on a journey of construction excellence with IMER Group, a standout in the industry for over 50 years. Committed to elevating building site professionals' experiences, IMER stands as a beacon of quality, efficiency, and innovation. Their unwavering mission to reduce physical effort while enhancing performance has resulted in a diverse range of products that cater to every aspect of the construction process.

From mortar and concrete production to material cutting, surface handling, and beyond, IMER's comprehensive offerings meet all building site needs with precision. At Tilers Online, we offer all kinds of products from IMER Group, including concrete mixers, bridge saws and mortar sprayers. IMER cement mixers are built with user-friendly controls to produce a consistent, high-quality mix with minimal effort.

If mortar mixers are what you’re after, it's worth noting that IMER has various types and sizes on hand, as well as accessories such as centre, bottom and side plate scrapers. We also have Imer tile saws, which are robust, intuitive, and guarantee accurate and precise results. Whatever tiling equipment you choose, you’ll never regret going with IMER Group.

What Else Get You Get at Tilers Online?

Along with IMER’s range of mortar mixers and tile saws, we offer products from well-respected brands such as Rubi and Soroto. These brands produce all kinds of equipment and accessories, including tools for cutting, drilling and grinding. Examples from this collection include tile and stone polishing tools, scoring wheels and diamond blades.

In terms of cleaning, sealing and finishing, we can also help you out—offering grout cleaners, sponges and caulking guns. For more general tiling tools, check out our laser levels, suction cups, tile spacers and more. Tilers Online is truly the ultimate destination for tiling tools, and our goal is always to make your tiling jobs and projects as easy and effective as possible.

Shop Now!

Choose IMER Group for top-tier products and empower your construction endeavours with unparalleled quality and reliability. We can have these products sent to your door lightning-quick, so you won’t have to delay your tiling projects. For IMER concrete mixers and tiling tools, shop our ripper range at Tilers Online!

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