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Tile & Stone Cutting

Australia’s Best Range of Tile and Stone Cutting Tools

Tilers Online proudly stocks a huge range of electric portable tile cutting tools. As Australia’s go-to tile machinery and equipment provider, it’s only natural that we stock state of the art products from the world’s top manufacturers. Here, you will find stone cutting supplies from powerhouses like RUBI Tools, Sigma, iQ Power Tools and Imer Group all for the best available prices.

Whatever you need to cut, we’ve got you covered, with cutting equipment that is perfectly suited for tiles, stone, porcelain, natural stone, brick and block. Tilers Online has been in the industry for over 23 years and has the machinery for the highest-quality cut.

Our difference is we source the latest and best quality machinery available. You can be the best tiler in the business but if you don’t have the correct equipment to back you up you’ll waste time and money. Tilers Online has the highest calibre equipment from the world’s biggest brands ready to be used on awesome projects. Browse the range here and contact our team if you have any enquiries about our collection.