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Tiling Angles & Architectural Trims

Architectural Tile Trims and Tiling Angles

Tile trims or tile edgings are placed on the rims and corners of your tiles to create clean lines. They create a smooth transition from your tiles to any other material. Trims are often used to give your tile work a professional finish and pleasing aesthetic. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, suitable for all sorts of purposes.

Architectural trims and tile angles are about more than making your tiling look good though, they can also play an integral part in maintaining your home’s structure. First, they cover up the exposed edges of your tiles. Without them, these edges could absorb water and other forms of moisture, affecting the strength and reliability of the tiles. This could lead to cracking and other forms of damage to your tiles. The tile edge trims also make the connection between the tiles stronger and more durable. Further, they protect your tiles by reducing the stress on them by allowing some absorption of lateral movement. They also help to absorb impacts, decreasing the risk of damage to your tiles. But which trims do you need for your tiling job?