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Primers and Additives

  • CTA ECO Lastic

    CTA ECO Lastic 5L

    CTA ECO Lastic 5L ECO SYSTEMS™ ECO LASTIC is a specially formulated polymer admixture used to fortify sand/cement screeds, renders and factory prepared cement based adhesives. It is ideal for use in areas of vibration, point loading and...

  • ECO Prime

    CTA Eco Prime

    CTA Eco Prime  EcoPrime WB is a synthetic latex based liquid which can be used for priming a variety of substrates to improve the adhesion prior to the use of CTA adhesives, AQUABLOK water based membranes and ECO SYSTEMS self levelling...

  • CTA Prep And Prime

    CTA Prep And Prime

    CTA Prep And Prime  ECO SYSTEMSTM ECO PREP €˜N€™ PRIME is a unique, solvent free, flexible primer specifically designed with enhanced adhesion properties for use onto metallic, smooth, dense and non-porous surfaces. ECO PREP €˜N€™ PRIME...

  • Efflock Inhibitor

    Efflock Inhibitor

    Efflock Efflorescence Inhibitor Concentrate Efflock Concentrate (100:1 ratio) Yields 505 litres of ready to use product Efflock is a solvent free, water based liquid additive for the bulk impregnation of cementitious building materials. Manufactured...

    $95.00 - $380.00
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  • Mapei Fugolastic Grout Additive

    Mapei Fugolastic Grout Additive is a liquid polymeric additive for Keracolor FF and GG. Applications: Fugolastic is used as a substitute for water to mix Keracolor FF and GG cementitious grouts, to improve the grout compactness, abrasion resistance and...

    $33.85 - $138.40
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  • Mapei Isolastic

    Mapei Isolastic

    Mapei Isolastic is a flexible latex additive to be mixed with Kerabond, Kerabond T, Kerafloor and Adesilex P10. Applications:Isolastic is a latex additive to be mixed with Kerabond, Kerabond T or Kerafloor to improve the performance and...

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  • Mapei Isolastic 50

    Mapei Isolastic 50

    Mapei Isolastic 50 Latex additive to elasticize cement-based adhesives. Isolastic 50 is a latex to be mixed with Kerabond and Kerafloor to improve their performances and deformability to meet the requirements of class C2 (improved cementitious...

  • Mapei Keracrete Liquid

    Mapei Keracrete Liquid

    Mapei Keracrete Liquid High performance two-component cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip for ceramic tiles, glass mosaic and stone material. Applications:Interior and exterior, floor and wall, in basins and swimming pools, bonding of stone...

  • Mapei Planicrete SP

    Mapei Planicrete SP Latex 25kg

    Mapei Planicrete SP Latex 25kg Synthetic rubber latex for improving adhesion of cementitious mortars. Planicrete is a latex based on synthetic polymers, which cannot be re-emulsified in water after hardening and are also resistant to...

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  • Primer G

    Mapei Primer G

    Mapei Primer G Synthetic resin based primer in water dispersion. Applications:Treating gypsum or anhydrite surfaces prior to installing ceramic tiles and stone material with cementitious adhesives or levelling. The surfaces to be treated must be clean...

  • RLA Universal Primer

    Universal Primer is a rapid drying solvent free low VOC water based acrylic primer. For use over porous and non porous substrates such as ceramic tiles, painted surfaces (waterbased only) and sealed or burnished concrete floors. For...

    $22.95 - $79.00
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