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  • Rubi Electric Joint Scraper

    Rubi Electric Joint Scraper 250 Among the different options that RUBI offers to professionals for the removal of cementitious grout joints, we will highlight the revolutionary electric scraper RUBISCRAPER-250 and its innovative and patented blade...

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  • Rubi Joint Scraper

    Rubi Electric Joint Scraper Replacement Blades

    Rubi Joint Scraper Blade The RUBI grout scraper has an ergonomic handle and two platelets of electro-deposited tungsten carbide of high abrasion resistance. These plates are combinable with 1, 2 or 3 plates depending on the width of the grout joint...

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  • Spare joint scraper

    Rubi Replacement Joint Scraper

    Rubi Replacement Joint ScraperCompleting the wide range of scrapers, RUBI offers professionals several options of scrapers.The first one is the revolutionary RUBISCRAPER-250 electric scraper and its innovative and patented blade (exclusive product from...

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  • Scraper Heavy Duty

    Scraper Heavy Duty Scr600 TTL

    Scraper Heavy Duty  Heavy-duty reversible-blade scraper  Hi-impact reinforced shaft with stainless steel end cap for hammering Heavy-gauge die-cast aluminum head with 3-inch wide scraping edge Includes 3 Endura blades in protective hard...

    $40.00 - $45.00
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