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Rubi Levelling Systems

Rubi Levelling Systems

The Rubi Levelling Systems are systems with reusable strips and caps and are the only systems on the market able to ensure consistent pressure on the ceramic tile. The Rubi Levelling Systems there by ensure against lippage during tile installations. Professionals who choose the The Rubi Levelling Systems can reduce the installation time for tiles, whilst improving levels of finishing of their work and, therefore, the satisfaction of their customers. The Rubi Levelling Systems ensure a minimum 1.5mm grout joint, both in ceramic floor or wall tile installation work and slabs of natural stone, such as marble or granite.

Another important point in The Rubi Levelling Systems is that they offer us the assurance that the tile leveling will remain effective and will not change during setting, a problem plaguing all ceramic tile installers, and that sometimes causes lost time and wasted materials

  • Rubi Tile Level Quick Kit Rubi Tile Level Quick Straps

    Rubi Quick Level System

    Rubi Quick Level System The RUBI TILE LEVEL QUICK Kit is composed of: 1x TILE LEVEL QUICK nippers, usable in both flooring and walls (fixing of horizontal and vertical ceramic tiles), 1x 100 unit bag of TILE LEVEL QUICK strips for use in ceramic tiles...

    $39.95 - $87.40
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  • Rubi Levelling System Start Up Kit with Pliers Rubi Levelling System Straps (200 Bags)

    Rubi Standard Levelling System

    Rubi Standard Levelling System To facilitate the placement of large format tiles, improving final results.   Tile Level Caps Can be reused up to 25 times Tile Level Straps For tiles between 1/8" and 13/16" (3mm and 20mm) thick. For a grout...

    $26.45 - $136.55
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