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Measuring and Marking

For the best and most advanced Laser Levellers or other tiling must-have's such a Spirit Levels, Square Rules and Tape Measures. 

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  • BMI Pocket Tape 2 metre - Metric

    BMI Pocket Tape 2 metre - Metric

    BMI Pocket Tape 2 metre - Metric BMI Quicky that was sold a hundred thousand fold was further developed and is now called BMImeter. Fascination and advantages of this measurement tool can hardly be topped. The major changes include: The BMImeter has a...

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  • Chalk Line 5 Gear Fast Wind 1.0mm x 30m (RED)

    Chalk Line 5 Gear Fast Wind Contractor-grade chalk snap-lines with 100 ft. (30M) of extra bold premium-grade braided line. Smooth gear-drive winding, up to 3 times faster than standard snap-lines. Compact, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand...

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  • Chalk Line Reel Sets - red and blue

    Chalk Line Reel Sets

    Chalk Line Reel Sets (30m)For Construction ProfessionalsQuicker Marking. Easier Working.Made from Light, break-proof die-cast magnesium with gear function. Quick working and precise marking, designed to stand the test of time.Very lightweight and...

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  • China Markers

    China Markers A China marker is a writing implement made of hardened coloured wax and is useful for marking on hard, glossy, non-porous surfaces.Comes in colours of: Red, Blue and Black.

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  • Chalk Refill Red Chalk Refill Blue

    Gtpro Chalk Refill

    Gtpro Chalk Refill  226g bottle Comes in plastic moisture proof squeeze bottles Twist open/close lids Replacement marking chalk for Chalk Lines Red or Blue

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    Gtpro Tape Measures

    Gtpro Tape Measure 8M TT - Premium matte finish- Rubber casing- Strong 3 rivet end hook Gtpro Tape Measure 8M Prof Impact - Magnetic end hook with 4 rivet end hook for extra strength- Double nylon coated matte finish blade for abrasion resistance- End...

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  • Imex El Series Pro Digital Level

    Imex El Series Pro Digital Level

    Imex El Series Pro Digital Level Features: 360 degree angle measuring Large LCD display Display hold and alternative zero function Inclination direction indication Self calibration function % and degrees mm/m, "/ft Audible buzzer at 0 degrees...

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  • Imex Laser Glasses Green

    Imex Laser Glasses Green

    Imex Laser Glasses Green Enhance the line or dot on all red beam or dot lasers.IMEX Lasers is the global brand providing professional results through accuracy and efficiency. With a full range of line and dot lasers, rotating lasers, pipe lasers and...

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