Screed Pump / Conveyor Imer Mover 270 DBR

Available - Possible Delay
Available - Possible Delay
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Screed Pumping up to 4.5 Cubic Metres Per Hour


Full Details

Imer Mover 270 DBR Screed Pump Conveyor

Available for Purchase or Hire Australia Wide

Backup Service and Training  from our affiliated comapny Mortar Solutions Australia

Get ahead of the compitition and get jobs finished fast and easy.

Up to 24 Cycles Per Hour = 4.8 cubic metres of screed per hour where you want it!

Features include:-


  • Built-in compressor with direct drive - Innovative double air flow rate for increased fuel savings (Economy Mode flow 4500 l/min - High flow 5200 l/min) 
  • Low engine rpm (2400-2800 rpm) for less noise, consumption and maintenance 
  • Turbo charged diesel engine 48,5 kW
  • Automatic pumping cycle
  • Fully protected air system 
  • Simplified electric panel with controls within the operators reach
  • Hatch with built-in safety valve 
  • Wider wear-proof shields inside the mixing chamber tank
  • Paddles and their supports made of spheroidal cast iron for longer life
  • Loading bucket which can tilt up to 65° and has a descent control device.(Mover 270 db, Mover 270 dbr) 
  • Motor bonnet with very high sound absorption 
  • Automatic greasing system (optional) 
  • 140 bar high pressure jet cleaner (optional) 
  • Road towing kit available (optional).


Why Choose: 


  • A compact-sized professional machine 
  • Full Automatic control
  • Powerful turbo diesel engine with built-in two speed compressor unit.
  • Technology Design and Built in Italy


Standard Equipment: 


  • Diesel Engine with built in screw compressor
  • Screw compressor output 2600 l/min at 6 bar
  • Certified pressure tank capacity 190 litre
  • Adjustable non road-towable drawbar (Mover 190 d / 190 db)
  • Control panel
  • 185 R14 tyres
  • 20+10+10 m hose for material Ø 60 mm with cam couplings
  • Tripod stand with coupling Ø 60 mm
  • 2 hose holder fittings
  • Metal hose holder
  • Aggregate conveyor
  • Material outlet manifold Ø 60 mm
  • Paddle mixer
  • Built-in hydraulic power system
  • Manual grease pump
  • Accessory box and accessories for cleaning hose Ø 60
  • Tank hatch seal


Optional Accessories: 

The Imer Mover can be customised to your requirements please contact us to confirm available options


  • Road-towable drawbar, parking brake and light units (Mover 190 dr / 190 dbr)
  • Loading bucket (Mover  270db or 270dbr)
  • Scraping shovel kit
  • High pressure jet cleaner
  • Automatic lubricating system
  • Ø 50 mm hose kit with cam couplings
  • Ø 65 mm hose kit with perrot couplings



  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Motor Power Rate: 48.5
  • Compressor: Yes
  • Max Grain Size: 10/15
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 200 L per cycle
  • Hopper/Tank Capacity: 270
  • Mixer Capacity: 270
  • Dimensions W/L/H: (D)1490/4500/1560 (DBR)1490/4025/2420
  • Towable: Yes
  • Weight: (D)1530 - (DBR)1800