Rubi Joint Scraper 250 Blade for 2mm Joint

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Rubi Joint Scraper 250 Blade for 2mm Joint


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The RUBI grout scraper has an ergonomic handle and two platelets of electro-deposited tungsten carbide of high abrasion resistance.

These plates are combinable with 1, 2 or 3 plates depending on the width of the grout joint to be emptied.

Each electroplated tungsten carbide plate is 2 mm thick. So the minimum joint to work with this scraper is 2 mm, and up to 6 mm wide for grout joints.

The RUBI joint scraper is handy for repair work where we have to replace just a few tiles. Emptying the grout before replacing broken ceramic tiles reduces the risk of damaging the perimeter tiles which are in good condition. And in the same way, we can gain space for new pieces, which may have small dimensional differences, if they are from different production batches or different manufacturers.

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