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How to make a cut with the Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ products
- All materials have a hardness rating so this is important to keep in mind when it comes time for cutting. 
Always keep any cut well lubricated. 
- Always do a test cut on the material that you wish to cut.
Use a sound cutting base eg: thin rubber mat or a piece of timber (plywood). Mark out the material you wish to cut - we do suggest that you use a permanent marker so you do not lose your lines and we find the best way is to place your hole saw on the material and then mark around it.
You can also use a template as a guide placing it over the top of the material. Secure this, ensure you have your water bottle on hand to flood the area that you will be cutting. You can then start your drill at low speed. Keep this lubricated at all times. Take your time and let the diamond do the work. If you feel this bit bite, you may have too much pressure on this or not enough lubrication. When both are right you will feel confident with it. Repeat this over and over.
Now for the more confident.
Let’s go for it! Always place the material on a clean non-slip surface eg: rubber mat or ply are OK. After marking out the area you wish to cut then you can build a dam around the area you marked out (see “Build a Dam”). We use Blu-Tack for this purpose. You then fill this area with water.
OK now let’s start your drill at high speed. Approach your markout at an angle of 30° to 45°. Start cutting the surface until you create a “C” cut shape. As this gains start to bring your drill to the upright position and continue cutting. You can stop at any time and allow the water to fill the cut. This will help keep the Diamond Coated Hole Saws™ cool. You can repeat this over and over – take your time. When coming close to the end of the cut back off the pressure and increase your speed. This will help to give a cleaner exit.
Be sure you clean out your drill bit after every cut. We use a 3” nail or a very fine screw driver. Push through the center hole of the bit or the side holes.
*Note: If this is not removed you will not be able to drill a second hole. You will also damage the bit.
We have a short video demonstrating a number of ways to use these,
The Diamond Coated Hole Saws™.
Most of this is common sense. I do not wish to sound like I am taking anybody down – we can all learn new ideas. We would like you to enjoy the use of these tools as much as we do.

Don't forget to view our Tips & Tricks page for some great ideas on how to use the Diamond Coated Hole Saws™.
The Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ product range : are rated for:
  1. Ceramic Tiles
  2. Porcelain / Vitrified Tiles 
  3. Glass
  4. Fiberglass
  5. Perspex Acrylic
  6. Plaster
  7. Limestone / Slate
  8. Stone /  Quartz
  9. Teracota
  10. Marble
  11. Granite
  12. Compressed fibro sheeting / Masonry
 The Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ product range : are not recommended for:

 A.  Hammer drill
 B.  High speed
 C.  Excessive force / Pressure
 D.  Tempered glass
 E.  Metals surfaces of all kinds
 F.  Dry Cutting

Dry cutting, high speeds and excessive force/pressure 
can reduce the life of The Diamond Coated Hole Saw™
Lubrication is most important!
 Keep the Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ products well lubricated you can use:
- Water
- Water with 10% detergent
- Water based gel – great for wall drilling or use a spray bottle.
Do not use petroleum based products!
PLEASE NOTE Safety is most important to All! This is now in your hands.