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SupaPoxy® Epoxy Adhesive is a high strength100% solid, acid and alkali resistant tile and stone setting epoxy adhesive. SupaPoxy® is a two part Non Slump epoxy adhesive consisting of Part A Resin and Part B Hardener both appearing as firm thixotropic pastes. SupaPoxy® is recommended for spot fixing tile and stone to a wide variety of substrates. As a versatile epoxy mortar grout for repair and maintenance. SupaPoxy® is manufactured stringent NATA approved quality standards conforming to ISO 9002
  • 100% solids, No shrinkage
  • Easy mixing 1:1 Weight or Volume
  • Acid and Alkali resistant
  • Interior and Exterior applications
  • Spot bonding Tiles & Stone
  • Most types of tile and stone
  • High impact resistance
  • Non Sag - High Build
  • Thin and Thick bed applications
  • Most types of tile and stone
  • High bond and compressive strength
  • Fully cured concrete (minimum 28 days)
  • Clean hardened steel
  • Brick & Blockwork
  • Existing Tiles
  • Tilt up concrete panels
  • Compressed Fiber Cement sheeting
  • Marine grade plywood (interior only)
  • Cement render
  • Prepared vinyl flooring
  • Other substrates, contact Technical Depart
  • Suitable for
    • Natural stone tiles including moisture sensitive marble and granite and resin based conglomerate stone
    • Ceramic tiles
    • Stone & Resin based countertops
    • Quarry tiles
    • Pavers and Blocks
    • Mechanical fixing of building facades.
All substrates must be sound, dry and clean of dust and all contaminants such as oil, grease, wax, dirt sealers, release agents and curing compounds. Concrete must be fully cured (28 days) and free of hydrostatic pressure. Building boards must be fixed in accordance with manufacturer’s printed directions. SupaPoxy® must not be used in extreme weather conditions, recommended application temperature is 15C – 35C. The cure and working time will be affected by temperature, prolonged in cooler temperature and faster in higher temperatures. A temperature of 15C or higher must be maintained during the curing period. Resin backed tiles and stone must be mechanically abraided to remove contamination prior to the application of SupaPoxy® adhesive. Expansion joints must be incorporated in the installation as per Australian Standard AS 3958.1, where tiling abuts restraining surfaces, such as perimeter walls, curbs, columns etc. Directly over joints in structural substrate, over construction joints and cold joints. Directly over expansion and/or control joints. And as specified in the architectural drawings.
SupaPoxy® Epoxy Adhesive is packaged in weighted proportions this allows for proper easy mixing. Add equal amounts of Part A and Part B into a clean container. Mix thoroughly for five minutes being careful to scrape and mix the epoxy from the side and bottom of the pail. Mix either by hand or with a slow speed mechanical mixer (approximately 150 r.p.m reduces air entrapment and heat generation.) Ensure both parts are thoroughly mixed without any streaking or swirls the mixed epoxy adhesive must have a uniform colour.
Apply the thoroughly mixed SupaPoxy® adhesive to the correctly prepared Tile or Stone. SupaPoxy® adhesive is recommended for “SpotFixing” of natural stones and tiles. Minimum contact coverage of 10% of the surface area of the Tile or stone is required for optimum performance of the epoxy adhesive. The adhesive may be applied in dabs on the back of the tile or stone. Press the tiles firmly into place in a perpendicular motion and immediately adjust for plumb and level ensuring good contact to the substrate. The minimum adhesive bed thickness must be 3mm, and a maximum of 25mm. Application of SupaPoxy® should not begin until the temperature of the substrate is above
15° C. Surface temperature can vary from room temperature. Discard all mixed adhesive that has stiffened, cross linked (Gelled) and cured. All installations must conform to the relevant BCA (Building code of Australia) and Australian Standards AS 3958.
COVERAGE (20Litre Kit / 10% coverage)
3mm Adhesive Thickness 25 – 28m2
6mm Adhesive Thickness 12 – 14M2
12mm Adhesive Thickness 6 – 7 M2