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  • Megapoxy MB (Megabond)

    Megapoxy MB (Megabond) 20 Litre Kit

    Megapoxy MB (Megabond) 20 Litre Kit Megabond is easy to use and spreads readily with a notched trowel.Excellent for bonding natural stone & tiles to all masonry surfaces including cement sheet,...

  • Megapoxy P1

    Megapoxy P1

    Megapoxy P1  Description: MEGAPOXY P1 is a two component gap filling adhesive based on DGEBA epoxy resin and carbonate free filler. Easy to use, this product sets after mixing with excellent...

  • Megapoxy PF (Fast)

    Megapoxy PF (Fast)

    Megapoxy PF (Fast)  RAPID SET EPOXY PASTE ADHESIVE FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS Description: Megapoxy PF is a rapid set epoxy adhesive which sets in seven minutes and attains more than...